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The Steers Center for Global Real Estate boasts a significant number of active alumni located throughout the United States and around the world, offering students unique networking, internship, and employment opportunities with the industry’s leading professionals. Involvement of Georgetown McDonough real estate alumni starts with the initiative’s advisory board – 11 of the 17 advisory board members are McDonough alumni. Recognizing the quality of its customized offerings and benefits of its boutique structure, McDonough alumni are constantly looking to the Steers Center for Global Real Estate to provide industry-grade talent.

From class visits and panel discussions to mentor programs and networking events, Georgetown McDonough students have direct access to real estate alumni from a variety of concentrations. Given the breadth and depth of the real estate alumni database, students can identify relevant companies and align with appropriate alumni for informational interviews, internships, or full-time opportunities. The exceptional involvement of alumni provides unique opportunities for real estate students. This experience translates into profitable opportunities for real estate students ahead of their peers, with the average salary of real estate graduates roughly $10,000 more than the class average.

The opportunity to work on live transactions and underwrite existing deals allowed me to go to potential employers and say, ‘I underwrote a $200M investment just last week.’” – Robert Vaughn, MBA ’14

Georgetown McDonough graduates are smart, unpretentious, hard-working, and aspirational.” – Jessica Flugge, MBA ’06

Whatever the type of real estate career you want, there are McDonough School of Business alumni working in that role – or maybe even at the exact company you circled. – Mark Negus, MBA ’11

Georgetown McDonough prepares leaders for tomorrow. My contemporaries are now industry leaders in their respective fields.” – Mark Richardson, B ’85